Our Team

June 30, 2016


Gloria originally came from Malaysia in a cultural exchange program and ended up completing her Masters degree in TESOL in Chicago. She taught in the LEAP program at Wright State University before starting an IFI Dayton chapter the following year. After starting IFI, her husband Jerome joined her after their marriage in 2013. Now they work in partnership as IFI Dayton Directors. As internationals themselves, they know and understand the challenges of living in and adapting to another culture. They now run a student community home in Fairborn near Wright State University. You can contact them at and


Larissa graduated with her Bachelors of Arts in Spanish from Wright State University and it was through meeting and getting to know international students there that she discovered she wanted to work for IFI. She volunteered for IFI as a student for 4 years and after graduating, joined the IFI Dayton staff team. She loves learning other languages and about other cultures and is always eager to share about American culture as well! If you have any questions about IFI events and activities, this is your contact person! You can email her at